Labour & Delivery


All packages include a free consultation, your photographer on call at 38 weeks gestation up until the time baby is born, digital files on a custom designed USB, prints and a photo reveal session where you will be invited back to the studio to view your images. Clients invest anywhere from $1200 - $3000 on their birth stories. Hospital privileges at St.Catharines General & West Lincoln Memorial. Serving home births in the Niagara Region, Grimsby, Stoney Creek & Dunnville.

Doula services include a consultation, a prenatal meeting, labour & delivery support during your birth, a postpartum appointment and your own customized Placenta Fine Art Piece. Our doula services also include your support practitioner on call come 38 weeks gestation until baby is born as well as 24/7 call, text, email support for two weeks after the baby is born. Clients invest anywhere from $900- $1800 on their doula services. Add Birth Photography to your doula package for $300. (This price covers session fee of Birth Photography only. Collections start at $600) Ask us about our Fine Art Belly Casting Session.

Session Details

The Beauty of Birth Photography

When you hear the words "labour & delivery" many women will either think back to the experience they had during their birth or the birth stories they have heard. In today's society "labour & delivery" is depicted as scary, gory, and one of the most painful things a woman might ever endure. While some of these descriptions are true, what if you changed your perspective for just a moment, tuning out all of the negative chatter surrounding birth and began to think about only the beauty of birth. The beauty of your body being life giving, the stretch marks that become a mother's tattoo, the very first moment you lay eyes on your baby and hold them in your arms, when their little hand reaches out to grasp onto your finger, dad cutting the umbilical cord or when you become a family and your journey begins. These are the beautiful moments of labour and delivery waiting to be captured. 

Tru LOVE Photography captures your birth from start to finish. As a part of the Labour & Delivery  Packages you will receive a free consultation and photo reveal session done in studio where we can sit down and discuss the style of photography you would like, your birth plan and packages that fit your family best. Upon booking an appointment we will go over and sign an agreement that is suitable for your chosen photography package.

The agreement will cover the package you have chosen and a deposit will also be required to secure your spot. When making a deposit you are securing the four weeks surrounding your estimated due date. This means your photographer will be on call 24/7 during these weeks until the baby arrives. Lastly, we will discuss any pieces of artwork you may want to purchase with the package you have chosen. Clients can invest $1000-$3000 on their chosen photography package.

Serving: St.Catharines General Hospital, West Lincoln Memorial Hospital & in home births in the Niagara Region, Dunnville & Stoney Creek. Will travel for an extra fee.