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Tru LOVE Photography offers free consultations where we can sit down and discuss the style of photography and packages that fit your family best. Upon booking an appointment we will go over and sign an agreement that suits your photography package. The agreement will cover every aspect of the photography package you have chosen for your family. A deposit will also be required to secure your spot. Lastly, we will book a date for your session and further discuss any pieces of artwork you may want to purchase with the package you have chosen. Clients can invest $300-$2500 on their chosen photography package.

Mommy and me photography is a beautiful way to capture the joy your children bring to your life. Being a mother is being an example and a role mode, it is being that hand to hold or that shoulder to cry on ,being patient and kind, loving and self sacrificing.

When media shows us that makeup makes us beautiful and the perfect figure is thin with flawless curves; we can look at our children and see that beauty is not just a surface layer, that beauty runs deep. We can find beauty within the heart's of our children. Kayla's heart behind the mommy & me sessions are to capture the essences of beauty in it's purest of forms; untainted by the things of the world.

Fresh 48
Fresh 48

Mommy & Me Sessions are offered to mothers and children of all ages! Mommy & Me Sessions can be done at any time and are open to anyone. Sessions are usually done outdoors at a prearranged location. Kayla tries to capture candid moments between mother and child as they spend time together either going for a walk or hike or simply playing outdoors. Kayla uses these precious moments to produce beautiful pieces of artwork that will last you a life time.

Serving: All of Niagara Region, Dunnville & Stoney Creek. Will travel for a fee.